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Blergh. That is all.

Yeah yeah so I done it again, said I’d update more often than not bothered my arse doing so. I’ve been meaning to, but time seems to just keep on running away from me, or at least smudges into one indistinct blob well enough that I’m not able to differentiate time beyond “Work / No Work” and “Sleep / Wake Up.” That, and I’ve been so bored that I can’t even be bothered to think and have lost interest in pretty much everything. The only thing that’s managed to raise me above tepid disinterest has been Breaking Bad, and even that was fleeting and is now over until next summer. Woe is me.

Got bored with weed again too, seems to crop up every four or five months as a passing fancy then buggers of again until I take the notion to pretend that I’m a hippy and hope to have a nice wee stereotypical experience of serenity and finding inner peace or some bollocks. Even that is incapable of breaking through the boredom these days. Suppose I’d better go fully through the gateway and develop an honest heroin addiction.

Looking back at my previous few posts this seems to be a recurring theme, and one I’m getting bor- tired of. My routine is coming in from work and then sitting on a computer, but being amused by the games I used to play or websites I’d once visit. I’ve just spent £30 on more maps for a computer game (and the promise of more as well) yet haven’t been able to bring myself to actually play any of them. Facebook doesn’t hold the same kind of allure as everyone is now leading mundane lives and those I’m most interested in I’m no longer a part of. The fact that I’m typing this at all is pure chance, given that I’d bounced around a load of articles on TV Tropes (time sink if ever there was one) when I saw one about NaNoWriMo, which then of course lead me to think about writing, and rather than get up off my fat arse and pick up a pen and paper I figured it’d be easier to just type some bollocks on here instead.

I’m going to go get a drink then actually sit down and either read a book or write some proper shit. Failing that I’ll see how much music I can download, because I’ll need a backing track of course. Not even going to pretend I’m going to get myself psyched up, I’m just going to arse around till midnight then convince myself that tomorrow’s a new day. Peace.

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